Danica Wichtermann

A childhood spent beachcombing, camping trips in the wilderness and a keen
interest in botanicals, led Danica Wichtermann to channel her creativity and
natural curiosity into the fine arts. The results of her studies have
enabled her to create her own ceramics collection Rediscover Ceramics, which
she makes by hand in her home studio in Wattle Grove, Western Australia.
Danica completed her formal education studying a Diploma of Education and a
BA in Fine Arts at Curtin University. She is now a high school teacher and
Artist. She has won multiple awards for her ceramic sculptures, participates
in numerous exhibitions and is represented by multiple galleries in
Her Porcelain Collections start their humble beginning on the pottery wheel.
Over time, mounds of clay evolve to become a canvas that tells her story.
Each surface resonates what she lives amongst and loves so dearly – the
Great Australian Bush. Her passion is to encapsulate our vast landscapes and
unique flora, capturing that which is so different from other lands.
Contrasting colours and intricate sculptural forms endlessly inspire her
days carving in her studio.
Instagram: rediscoverceramics
m: 0422986129
“Come and discover my place of inspiration in the Perth Hills; surrounded by
native flora and fauna I am in my element.  My porcelain collection starts
its humble beginning on the pottery wheel, where over time, mounds of clay
evolve to become a canvas that tells my story. Each piece is one of a kind,
made by hand, and intricately finished. I create unique Australian inspired
Botanical Vases, decorated bottles and porcelain marbled homewares for
everyday use.
My home studio has a workshop out the back and a display gallery space at
the front. Come and join me for a cup of tea, some clay time, discover the
journey of the work and see the finished pieces. Available for purchase on
the day.
During the Open Studio you can also come and partake in making a large
community coil pot. Free to partake, find some natural textures from the
gardens to press into clay, add your own special touches and be a part of
the story. The work will be glazed and fired and on display at the studio
for your next visit!
From my home to yours; from my hands to yours. Please enjoy and Rediscover
Danica Wichtermann
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