Karin Hotchkin

KARIN HOTCHKIN  I am a mixed media artist and art educator living in the Hills of Kalamunda. I draw inspiration from my local environment and nature.
I developed an appreciation for Naïve Art after many years of teaching and being exposed to all aspects of art styles. During this time I explored and experimented with this unaffected, whimsical and charming style of art, developing my own approach that also leans towards Abstract Expressionism. My subject matter explores houses, birds, animals, nature, flowers and the landscape with a refreshing and conscious decision not to formalise it, but rather to stylise it and engage my inner child. My works have a strong focus on colour, shape, texture , patterns and composition, delivering it in its simplest form. Many mediums are incorporated into my work including ink, watercolour, acrylic, oils, pastel, pencil, paper and other materials. Art is often executed on canvas, however I also use paper, board, fabric and recycled materials.Karin Hotchkin