Sandie Schroder

Sandie has been living in the Perth hills for the past 12 years.

Living amongst the bush environment has directly impacted her art work.

The threat of fire is shown through her works by the techniques she uses to create her pieces

Sandie burns the archival paper to produce her images using a variety of tools and techniques

She has had many close calls when creating these pieces, with them literally going up in smoke as the burning got out of control, reinforcing the ever present threat of fire, living amongst our volatile bushland.

Sandie has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree majoring in Painting and Sculpture from Curtin University.

Her works have been hung in public and private collections and galleries nationally.

Her art can be seen at Linton & Kay Galleries Mandoon Estate and to see more of images go to


Under Fire 1.1MB Schroder 76x 106Pyrography Paintings for Wild SideExhibition 009 Pyro Roots image Burnt paintings for Exhibition 13 011


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