Sandra Hall

My current focus is on raw Nature in the Landscape. The small and common is given a close scrutiny with a view to exposing the the extraordinary fragility and beauty there. The ongoing consciousness of the loss of biodiversity under population pressure drives my thinking as well as a Childhood on a coffee plantation in South India where the Natural world was dominant. Scientific illustrations inform some of the layout of my Prints but don’t want to be merely descriptive and Midland with its Power Pylons and Earth Moving Machinery offers powerful symbols about Landscape.

Some ideas come from my back Garden, others from the hills environs and iconic places around Western Australia and North Queensland.

I have worked with Oil Acrylic and Watercolour and also Sculpture materials like Paper resin and am supplying Zanthorrea Nursery with Small Frog Sculpture.

I am currently working on multi block Lino Prints.My concerns are with Animals and Landscape.

This one is a Protest Print about local Bush Habitat that is a corridor for the Red-Tail Black Cockatoo.

I try to combine Signs with the image to convey a meaning.

disappearing beauties






night-visitorshills-garden p1050082