Historically the Open Studio group has tried to keep the event to a manageable size of approximately 15 studios – so it is by no means a comprehensive list of all professional artists living in the Kalamunda Shire. It is, however, a constantly  evolving group and it is possible that future events may be larger or may increase to several events throughout the year to incorporate the large number of artist living and working in the area.

In order to try to maintain an excellent standard of work in this event, without having to include a judging process, it has been decided that participating artists must have at least one major exhibition in a reputable gallery listed in their CV.

Participating artists must also have a professional working studio rather than a temporarily converted space. Ideally this studio should have easy public access and any difficulties in access should be included in the studio information.

If you wish to register your interest in becoming an Open Studio artist – should a place become available, please send a short note in the comments sections below with your name, the address of your studio and a brief biography.

Please be aware that all communications regarding Open Studio are made via email.



  1. Sue D

    Do you know that the “Spring in the Hills” flyer lists this event as happening on Sunday 18th October?

    • Mikaela

      Hi Sue, Yes these things happen. There should be an insert with the flyer which has the correct dates. We might have to leave home on the 18th though!

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